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It may give me a cramp on my thumb (all done on my phone) but I truly am blessed to have so many supportive friends who all want updates.  And that is especially true to my friends on this forum.

I seriously can't imagine going thru all of this with out all of you.

Merry Christmas and Sc..  2020 (my happy new year toast)



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I've started doing social media (FB & Twitter) only for the past year or so (started last year). As a retired prosecutor, I stayed away from it for a long time because of security concerns--didn't want the bad guys to know who my friends/family were. I've been out of the LE biz for 9 years at this point, though, so finally stuck my toe in.

One of the advantages of those platforms is the ability to post an update to all my friends at once. I'm still pretty selective about who's in my "friends" group (I tend not to add friends-of-friends unless I know them) and keep my settings private to my friends group, but most people who I'd want to update are in my FB group. It's just less tiring than updating everyone individually--no matter how much I appreciate their concern, it wears me out repeating myself. :) 

But yeah, awesome to have people who care how we're doing!

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