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A New COVID-19 Variant?

Tom Galli

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The press is reporting a new COVID variant. Unfortunately, there is lots of hype and misinformation in these reports. After spending hours reading of this, I found this UK Physician's video very helpful in explaining the mutation and its effect on infection and the vaccine. Watch it here.

Note, the physician gives the bottom line up front. Note also he reports what he knows and what he doesn't know and cites the British Medical Journal.

Stay the course.


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First of all thanks for spending the time on our behalf to find this very BIG gem.   It’s another illustrative point that the media (all of them) are utterly worthless in delivering the facts.   Thanks for doing a better job!!! 

In reading the latest CDC guidelines these jokers in the media somehow jumped the vaccine line to be early recipients bumping cancer patients a little further down.   
Sorry if I sound a little grumpy about it but I’m just getting really ticked that younger healthier people (who have a 99.5% COVID recovery) get ahead of us who have listened diligently to our doctors.  

The way the KS guidelines are rolling out UPSers will be ahead of cancer patients (most of the UPSers are under 30).  How ironic hubby will probably get vaccinated ahead of me.  Outrageous.   

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I am so sick of how the media can totally blow things out of proportion and/or only report half the story to make it seem more sensational?  Grrr!!    

Michelle, I'm also "ticked" about special groups moving up in the "line" for the vaccine?  As an example, I would like to know why so many Government "Officials" are first in line (especially those who are not in ANY of the high risk categories)?   And like you, I'm starting to wonder if my husband (also deemed an essential worker) will end up getting a vaccine before me.   SOMETHING iis very wrong with this picture?  🥵


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I agree with you all...the press, many of our national leaders (including some medical professionals) and social media are (IMHO) definitely on another planet.  It's hard to listen to them anymore.  My son (a Covid "survivor") was up and describes FL quite positively.  In fact they appear to be doing better than all the tightly closed states.  I wish our press would start to ask "why".

Also, in NC, they are prioritizing; medical staff, first responders and those over 75 for now.  Then there is talk of "essential workers", so I guess that the 19 year old working at the supermarket will get the vaccine before I will.  Makes perfect sense...NOT!

My hope for anything done by the government (including distributing the vaccine) was never very high.  I heard today that 10 million have been delivered to the states, but only ~2 million have been given.  A major failure on the part of state governments.  

That's likely why I spend my time watching Law & Order as well as Mom.  :)


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Looks like there are others who agree with us:


I called our State Senators office today, tomorrow the House Rep.  Time to start dialing for vaccines!!!

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Unfortunately Politicians get away with it because they mold us into thinking that one party is better than the other. we end up loosing under both. We need a stronger support group for cancer because the cure is not that far away.

News like this one really makes you wonder where it will end.

"Merck has tweaked (Chinese) its Keytruda patient assistance program, which now gives out Keytruda free of charge after six cycles of treatment—including two free rounds in the middle—until patients reach a maximum two years on therapy or their disease worsens."


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I sent an email to the State this morning to have them explain to ME "exactly" where I am on the list and WHY it appears that as it stands right now I'm at the very end of their Phase IB list which would potentially be in late February.   

I have read and heard so many News stories over the past few days about vaccines being wasted and how many states have plenty to give us ours now but that some of the planning is absolutely awful.  I know it's been said that many health care workers do not want it, then pass it up to the next please and move on  .Additionally when I was in Oncology last week for my Port Flush my Oncology nurses still had NOT even had their vaccines, yet my nurse told me she has two children also in the medical field (not in close patient contact as much as she is) and they both had vaccines (different hospitals/closer to Boston).  I know they plan to send workers from CVS and Walgreens to Nursing Homes starting tomorrow and most of "us" will get our Vaccines at a Walgreen's or CVS, but they do NOT have it yet and they have been bombarded with calls because we the people, are not getting good info from the Government.   I do live in a very small coastal community, so I realize things move a bit more slowly here, but our Covid rates are at an ALL time high and have double what they were last years when MASS was the third highest State in the country.   They are planning to have drive thru testing in my town soon and I will go and be tested for peace of mind, even though I know it could change tomorrow.  I'm very worried again because we stil have not even begin to see the effects from Christmas and New Years.  I know many families did not get together, but many still did and they all go to the same grocery stores my husband does and he is still working, so I'm put at risk daily, despite our precautions.   Unless we totally isolate and both never leave the house, we are not safe and we can NOT do that right now. s not better planned.   The website is full of all kind so data on how many shipments they have and how many vaccines have been given, but gives NO data for people like us?

 Up until NOW, I had been very pleased with how Massachusetts has handled Covid, we closed early, masked right away and they've worked hard to keep us safe, but the plan for the vaccine roll out is awful, in my opinion and I'm not sure who is to blame or why it is so "F'd up"....but I sure hope I do not die trying to find out?  I am still ticked about  prisoners'  being significantly ahead of us?    Maybe I should go rob a bank to move up on the list???


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Lisa- I had this weird vision about Fun with Dick and Jane—-   Here you are a kind New England grandma rightly driven to the brink by sheer incompetence.  I’d  be happy to go Bonnie & Clyde with you knowing with our luck we’d probably have to rob many banks before we got caught, then if we appeared before the court we wouldn’t get sentenced cause the judge would think we just had some chemo brain- and there goes the brilliant plan....

Seriously, I just got off a Zoom meeting with Dr Ross Camidge where he described the Colorado COVID vaccine roll out has pure chaos.  State health departments are making arbitrary decisions on a daily basis. Seriously they had almost a year to figure this out 

Tomorrow I’m calling my State House Rep!!


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