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Gigantic hematoma....Help!


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As a reminder, the consensus now is the scans picked up scar tissue and plural effusion is stable so no cancer. Plus they found a blood clot in my left lung so put me on blood thinners. Good news right?

The blood thinner meds are self given shots in the stomach or thigh.  I picked the stomach because if I get another cycle of headaches my thighs are where I give my self injections and both get pretty beat up.  Occasionally, with my head ache injections I'll catch a blood vessel or muscle and have had numerous nasty looking bumps and bruises.

Well, Saturday morning I took my morning shot of blood thinner and drew a little blood. Stung like hell, but just like on my thighs when that happened, I put some compression on it for a bit and confirmed bleeding had stopped.  It wasn't much blood at all. Then I dozed off.

When I woke up I had a huge hematoma on the right sid of my navel. I mean, by the time I really noticed it it was the size of an orange (my wife says grapefruit).  Plus it hurts like hell.  Seriously, pain is at least as bad as after surgery and it's right where I bend to sit or stand and that is the real pain.

Went to the clinic today and my NP said she had never seen one that big. I tell my buddies it looks like I have a breast next to my navel.  Anyway, she consulted with my oncologist and another doctor and said there was nothing I could do but let it resolve itself and sent me home.  I finally used my brain and drew a circle around it with a sharpie to track changes easier.  They also switched me to pills for blood thinners.

Has ANYBODY had a similar adventure? I have some Oxy that I am trying use sparingly, but have to take a double dose to dull the pain, a triple does the trick better but I am going to run out as it is.  I take a couple of Tylenols in between the Oxy but it doesn't do much.  I am using heat compression as well and tried Bengay.  Is there something else I can do? Street heroin maybe (😁)?  I dont have much hope there is but thought it was at least worth asking the question.  A lot of collective wisdom in our little group.

For future reference (if you do throw a clot they will most likely give you the shots) I've got two tips...

1. Inject it in your thigh. If it was there I dont think it would hurt as much to move.

2. If you do by bad luck hit a blood vessel or muscle and draw blood, or right after the injection you feel a small bump use compression.  If I had done that I would have stopped the bleeding much sooner. I'm sure it would still have given me a nasty bump and bruise but not this.

Feeling sorry for myself again. Have been planning on Christmas at Mt Hood but not sure I could stand the drive. Hopefully it starts improving.

Sorry for the long post but seems like the last 4 months it has been one step forward and two steps back.

Wishing everyone a Merry Chritmas



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Hi Tom and Merry Chritmas to you too. I am on blood thinners for 6months but they put me on Xarelto pills from the start. There must be a reason why they gave you the shots. I hope things will return to normal and you get to go to mount Hood. I love that place and it makes for good holidays outing.

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seriously... YIKES😲

I know nothing about what you can do with a hematoma, so asked Dr Google:


Can I care for a hematoma myself?


Ice (Apply the ice or cold pack for 20 minutes at a time, 4 to 8 times a day.)

Compress (Compression can be achieved by using elastic bandages.)

Elevate (Elevation of the injured area above the level of the heart is recommended.)


So the basic "RICE" approach.  I don't know how you'd elevate the belly (doing a hand stand would accomplish that, but that's what I call "an acquired taste"), but since you've tried heat, also try ice? 🤞


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FWIW, canceled our trip to Timberline.  For those not familiar with the NW, Mt Hood is a 10k volcano with several great ski areas. The lodge was built during the depression and is awesome. If you have watched the movie The Shining the lodge is used (outside only) for filming.

What do I want for Christmas? That one injection back.



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