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Update on Adam


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Hello friends! It's been a while since we've updated. Adam was planning to give an update, but work has him busy and chemo has him fatigued. We returned home from our 21 day wildfire evacuation on Nov. 2. While we were evacuated, we learned that his genetic testing came back with no results, and we were pretty disappointed. However, there was some really good news that came from the conversation. Forgive me if I don't get this exactly right, but his PDL1 protein levels came back at 95%. His oncologist said that was an exceptionally good result that gave him a lot of hope for immunotherapy being a good treatment for him. He began the triplet in October, and it was good to hear that the oncologist was encouraged. 

He had his first set of scans after beginning treatment on Nov. 6 and the results were shockingly good. All 8 of his tumors (3 on the left lung, including primary, 1 on the right 4th rib, 1 on the C4 vertebrae, 1 on adrenal gland, 1 on lymph node and 1 on hip bone) were now at a size unmeasurable since the first scan at diagnosis. We were just hoping for no spread. He completed his remaining 2 treatments and got to ring the bell on the last one, Monday, Dec. 7. His PET scan will be Jan. 6 and then we'll know what maintenance looks like, provided the good news continues.

Treatment for him was relatively easy compared to what we braced ourselves for. The dex was an absolute beast that he ended up switching after the second treatment. It gave him hiccups so bad that his diaphragm actually seized up. I was thankful that he didn't have to take that one anymore - for a lot of reasons. He ended up having to be put on an antibiotic after the first treatment because his white blood cell count went too low. Labs done just before his scheduled 3rd session showed a severely elevated ALT level in his liver, so that treatment was pushed back a week. Fatigue has really been the biggest monster he's had to contend with, along with a reduced healing time for small scratches and bruises, which he gets a lot of dealing with firewood here at home. Working is important to him and a big part of his mental treatment plan, and his job in economic development is incredibly exhausting right now with the pandemic, so he tries his best and naps when he can. I'm insanely proud of him.

These forums and this community have been really important for us on this journey, and most of you will never know how reading your stories and updates have helped us. I hope that we can help others as well. Many friends and family members are donating to Lungevity as our gift this year, and we are grateful! If you're still reading, thank you! We hope you all have a wonderful and warm holiday season. 

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Suzanna: Great to  know that the triplet is working. Hid PDL-1 level is very high compared to the norm. I am on the triplet as well and my PDL-1 is zero but still got good results so far. I hope his progress continues to where he will be N.E.D.  Enjoy the holidays and congratulations once more.

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