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Newly diagnosed, Non Small Cell lung cancer


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Hi, I am newly diagnosed in September. Was caregiver for my dad, who passed away in December. I am also dealing with chronic Lyme disease and already had thyroid and POTS, fibromyalgia. I have a large tumor near top of lung, and currently taking Tagrisso and hoping for reduction in cancer so I can have surgery. I have never been a smoker, so my complaints of throat problems was not taken too seriously until I started noticing some blood. Everyone else in my family has lived to eighties and nineties - guess I got the bad DNA.

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Hello & Welcome...

To the club no one ever expected to join.  You’re experience sounds like many of us, healthy never smokers who struggled through numerous doctors appointments before receiving the most shocking diagnosis.  No one is ever looking for lung cancer in a healthy person.   That was me back in September, 2018.  
Fortunately these targeted therapies work very well with the scientific research advancing every year.   
As an EGFR survivor, you might be interested in reading “Something More Than Hope” by Diana Lindsey where she writes about her long term survivorship.  

I’m very sorry about your diagnosis but am very glad you found us.  Let us know how we can support you. 


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I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis but welcome to this wonderfully supportive group.  Please feel free to post any questions you have or how we can support you.  LUNGevity has many different types of support services if you ever feel like you would benefit from one on one support: https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/support-services

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Hi and welcome to our group. Sorry to hear about your diagnoses.  It looks like you were diagnosed correctly and hopefully on your way to having the upper hand on cancer. When do you expect your next scan?  Please post the results here so we can follow your progress and share our experiences. Thank you again for joining.

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Welcome from a fellow North Carolinian....I live near Charlotte.  Anyway, sorry that you had to join this club, but as you're already seeing you can find folks very much like yourself with similar conditions.  My treatment was surgical so I'll stay back until you want some advice on that part of your protocol, but you're in good hands with Michelle and I'm sure you'll be hearing from others soon as well.  Please keep us updated and ask any questions you may have.


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