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COVID-19 Vaccine Roll out Plans

Rower Michelle

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Hi all, 

Like many of you, I was so frustrated to see the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan which prioritzes young healthy workers and prisoners over cancer patients.   I spent the last few days writing letters to all of my elected state officials, KC Star  and KU Cancer Center.   One of the Board Members of the KU CC actually thought this letter was pretty good and sent it directly to the Chief Medical Officer of the Kansas State Health Department!   I was very surprised!    I also got a phone call from the Chief of Staff of the Senate Majority Leader's office, who is a lung cancer survivor!  KS opens their legislative session today and revising the distribution plan is a top priority.  


Here is a template letter you all can use to send to your state officials to advocate for changes to the vaccine distribution plan.  


I am a  Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor writing to express dissatisfaction with Governor's  recently announced COVID vaccine distribution plan.  While I appreciate the Governor’s flexibility in prioritizing senior citizens over 65 as the next in line, there is a critical flaw in this policy which overlooks the vulnerability of individuals with serious medical conditions, including cancer. 

Initially the cited goals of the pandemic were to slow community spread of COVID-19 as not to overwhelm the healthcare infrastructure.  Today, that goal appears lost as (INSERT STATE HERE)  continues to suffer losses due COVID-19. Prioritizing young healthy “essential workers”, who have been safely functioning in the community doesn’t make sense as this population is very low risk for serious consequences from the virus.  Furthermore, prioritizing incarcerated criminals over cancer patients is utterly unconscionable!  

What the Governor’s Task Force is not taking into account is that patients with cancer have been homebound, under the direction of their oncologists, for nearly one year.  Today, they are suffering long term consequences of depression and anxiety.   Additionally, due to an inability to travel, cancer patients have been robbed of the opportunity to participate in potentially life saving clinical trials or expert second opinions away from home.  

As the legislative session opens, please stop this insanity.   Follow the lead of Texas, Florida and other states by doing the right thing by prioritizing those individuals with serious medical conditions.  

Thank you for considering my request.

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Good for you Michelle. If we don't take action to help ourselves, nobody will. I am astonished at some people logic to let nature take it's course by killing enough Covid-19 patients and get immunity for the rest. We the sick, old and crippled have to make way for the ones who are not. 

Here in Florida we talk the talk but our actions are less than perfect.  My cancer center informed me that I will be contacted to get the vaccine. My oncologist and the cancer board will evaluate patients to determine who qualifies. I actually prefer that approach. Thank you for speaking up.

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Well done Michelle.

I might suggest a small modification to the effect that COVID-19 is so very dangerous for lung cancer patients because it attacks through the lungs.

Stay the course.


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Wow Michelle...in NC I'm in Phase 2 along with prisoners and lots of other groups.  I'm going to use your letter to raise some hell over here in NC.  I love your work! 



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