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5cm node/mass found

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Hello.I was a life time smoker and quit dec 2019. In Jan 2020 I had my 1st low dose CT scan. I just had my second and the results show a 3 cm node has grown to 5cm. 
My doc feels we should wait 3 months and do another CT scan. 
I am freaking out and feel based on smoker status and the fact that it has grown 2cm over 12 months it should be addressed immediately. 
many thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thank you, 


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Hello Tina .  I agree with you .  If something is growing why not find out what it is for sure .

I had a larger spot on my lung than you but was very quickly sent for a biopsy and treatment .

My husband went to the VA and had 2 small spots on his lung .  They said they would watch it but

before they did anything it had spread to his brain very badly and I lost him.  Is there a place where you could get a 2nd 

opinion ?  Please keep us posted.

Donna G 




donna G

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Hi Tina: Welcome and sorry about your diagnoses.  I am with Donna on this one. There is nothing gained from waiting. What type of doctor do you have? Your story reminds me of my pneumologist who send me home with an order to come back in 8 weeks. I went straight from his office to the emergency room. It turns out I had pneumonia induced by lung cancer. While you shouldn't be alarmed at this stage, you should go for a biopsy and most importantly talk to an oncologist or better yet a cancer center.  Please post again when you find out.  I wish you the best.

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Welcome!  I just wanted to share more information about diagnosing lung cancer so you can be prepared with questions and what to expect in the next steps.  


Also, here are different doctors you may work with while investigating the nodule further.  You can always get a second opinion at any step in this process.  If you don't feel comfortable waiting, don't wait.


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You've received good input already so I'll just ask that you come back and tell us what they find after a biopsy.  BTW, are you sure the nodule is 5cm rather than 5mm?  I'm just asking because if it is cm then the nodule is about 2" as opposed to mm.  Anyway, the biopsy is still the important action here. Best of luck to you.


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I'm with everybody else, here. If for some reason a biopsy can't be done, then a PET-CT would seem to be the next step. 

The wait-and-see re-scan is typical if there is a very slight change or when a nodule is found for the first time (and it's very small). A change of this magnitude calls for more aggressive investigation.

Do keep us posted.

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