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Help Please, prophylactic crannial radiation

SCLC stage 3

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Hello all. I've just finished chemo & radiation and all clear. Yahoo. Was diagnosed just over 3 months ago with Stage III limited small cell lung cancer. I'm 70 and in good health besides this. This Fri I meet with my radiologist to discuss prophylactic crannial irradation. The side effects frighten me as I've decided my goal is to be a young active woman for the next 10 years.  Any input would be appreciated.

BTW.  Treatment at Moffitt in Tampa, Florida. Wonderful experience. 

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Hi and welcome. Congratulations on finishing your treatment. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by all clear? Did you mean No evidence of  decease?  If so why PCI knowing that it is used to stop lung cancer from spreading?

BTW I am also treated at Moffit  and agree it is first class providing you overlook the constant delays before appointments.

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Welcome here!

Over the years, I've met and interacted with many who've had Prophylactic Whole Brain Radiation Therapy. This includes folks with small cell and non small cell. I've not had the treatment myself and it sounds scary, but those who've had it seemed to be normal in all respects.

We interact with a lady on a zoom call weekly who's had WBRT and she's just fine.

Stay the course.


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