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It's been relatively quiet


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I hope that is a good thing. I haven't updated my status in a few weeks so figure now is as good a time as any.

I'm feeling great. Aside from two self inflicted set backs (hematoma and rolled my ankle) I can feel real progress. My resting heart rate is back in the 60s and 70s, I can limp up and down stairs, shower, do a chore etc without getting out of breath. No cluster headaches. Hematoma healed. Ankle almost healed (honestly I did after a few to many drinks on Jan 6th....sue me) and off all meds except blood thinners. Next scan is in March. Decided not to get the second opinion yet (Thanks Tom G). Will wait until an issue comes. Also finally got results from the biomarker testing but havent read it yet. All in all things are good.

Posting this both for my pals on this board, but mostly for those behind me in this ordeal for two reasons. One is that you can feel good again too, if I can. Second is I am 100% certain my setback in September was from the blood clot. Lesson? Listen to your body and advocate with your doctors. I was examined 4 times. The second time I was told the cancer was back. The third time I was told it was scar tissue. Finally on the fourth time, with my Angle pulmonologist, she insisted I get checked for a clot. I had gone for her to drain the fluid in my right lung. She did an ultrasound and said there was to little fluid to safely drain but followed up with a full exam and ernest questions about my symptoms. Classic for a lung embolism.  Hence we found it and treated with blood thinners. Even with Dr. Google I would not have guessed that.

My belabored point in this post is listen to your body.  It is very easy to blame everything on Chemo or Radiation,that's what my Onc did. Even after all treatment has finished. Broken record: Advocate, Advocate, Advocate. Push till you get answers you understand. Wishing all the best to everyone.



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Tom: Nice to hear that things are getting back to normal. Normal is a beautiful thing after all the headaches, worries and doubts. let's hope it continues and that your next scan will be clean. All the best and keep it up because it makes all us feel better.

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Hey, Tom,

Sounds like you are following my example--inflict enough injuries on yourself and you can distract yourself from the cancer, lol.

Seriously, glad you are feeling better. Be careful with those inanimate objects, though! :) 

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