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Mum almost finished immunotherapy


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Mum was meant to have 12 infusions but mum has had 7 and he thinks it's enough and research shows that seven infusions are sufficient enough in mum's case to protect her from return of cancer.

I feel a bit anxious in a way as I've started worrying about what if the cancer returns and how long will immunotherapy protect her. Mum is currently NED. She has a scan next week but the consultant doesn't seem worried or doesn't expect any change which is positive. 

I'm just worried about the future. How long can immunotherapy keep cancer from returning? Can it stop cancer from ever returning? 

By the way, immunotherapy has been mum's maintenance therapy. Her main therapy was chemo and radiation which my mum had an excellent response to. The consultant thinks that the immu is working well. 

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Hi catlady:  We discussed anxiety in the past many times and there is a very good recent post  by LouT on the subject you might want to read.

Congratulations on your Moms excellent results. Let's hope that continues.

As for the cancer returning after immunotherapy ,or for that matter any other therapy, no  one even your oncologist can answer that question. Immunotherapy is not very old and while the results are very encouraging there is not enough history to show a definitive answer. 

Meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy your Mom's N.E.D statues and pray for the rest of us to attain that goal. I wish you the best.


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So glad to hear about your Mother's excellent progress.  When we worry about our loved ones it is because we don't want to lose them.  We want to spend time with them, build new memories with them and tell them things of importance.  But, if you allow anxiety to take over your mind you'll lose many of those precious moments to worry and catastrophic thinking.  If your anxiety is really inhibiting you from enjoying each and every day with your Mom please see a professional.  At the end of the day we're all going to die someday.  The trick is living while we're still here and focusing on our loved ones while they are still here.  So that at the end, we are satisfied that we lived the fullest of days until the time came for us, or a loved one, to say goodbye...  I hope you'll focus on finding peace, then you can fully enjoy your Mom and your time together.


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