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Severe knee pain on Keytruda


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Hi all!

Happy to report my mom is breathing A LOT better since immunotherapy started in November. No more pleural effusions since early December! 

We are waiting on the new pet scan result to see what’s going on with the cancer. But just within a handful of days, her knees have become swollen and hurt a lot. Last week she was walking an hour a day and now she has very little range of motion in either knee. Every time she sits or stands up I can see her wince in pain :( even when she switched positions while sleeping it caused her a lot of pain. 

THC helps a bit but she doesn’t like the feeling of being “stoned” or out of it. We will likely see  rheumatologist soon.

anyone know of similar symptoms on immunotherapy, and, what has worked to manage the pain? Also, do you know if this can get better over time or, will she have severe knee/joint pain for as long as she is on Keytruda?

(I must say, we a million times prefer this over the pleural effusion fluid build up she was experiencing before)

Thanks everyone, hope you all had a good holiday and new year ❤️




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Hi: Glad to know that your Mom is doing well on Keytruda. It is a wonderful drug. I had a long history of knee pain but none from immunotherapy. It sounds like she  suffers from knee inflammation  and a quick remedy is a pain relief injection. You can also alternate hot and cold patches. If the pain persists then maybe a knee scope to remove loose  cartilage is in order.

On a side note I had numerous injections, 6 scopes on one knee, 3 scopes on the other knee and finally 2 knee replacements. The best remedy I found for knee pain is walking. 

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Hi Saturn Bound,

Has your mom looked into CBD?  It's not psychoactive. I'm not a medical professional so can't recommend anything. A doctor who spoke about mediccal marijuana  at the virtual Lungevity conference in 2020  said that cannabis extracts  with a ration of 2 parts CBD to 1 part (or less) THC doesn't cause patients to feel high. 

Bridget O

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