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Phase I Clinical Trial


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So, on December 1, I started a Phase I clinical trial (RMC 4630 + Cobimetinib) in the hopes of stabilizing or slowing the growth of my Stage IV NSCLC KRAS G12D mutation.

However, after 8 weeks, the CT showed accelerated growth of the cancer in both lungs so I'm now off the trial.

There don't seem to be viable options for KRAS G12D.. The onc is suggesting Taxotere.

Anyone know of anything that is working with KRAS G12D?




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I’m so sorry the second clinical trial didn’t work out.  Thank you for being so brave and giving it a shot.  Hoping that this next round knocks the cancer down.  As always you will be in my continued prayers.  You’ve got the A team on board.  Is the radonc out of the picture?  

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Hi Roz: I am very sorry the clinical trial didn't work out. I do s lot of reading/research on lung cancer because I am active in the stock market. I wrote few paragraphs in the section Cancer 101 about Kras. From what I read  at least one company ( Mirati Therapeutics) will submit to the FDA for  G12C approval in 2021 and their next step is to work on G12D. Due to their unique technology some experts  think they are not far away from addressing G12D.  You can check their web page https://www.mirati.com/pipeline/ that includes MRTX1133 KRAS G12D inhibitor in progress.  You are in my prayers and I wish you luck.




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I'm sorry, too, Ro. Hope you get a good response with the next line. I try to keep up with what's going on with you folks that have mutations--I have none (at least none that are actionable). Hang in there!

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