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I'm Dixie, but just barely.....

Fay A.

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I got a 55% Dixie score.... based on the responses from being raised in New England, with the exception of y'all.... I did a winter in New Orleans so I know the difference between y'all and all y'all. I don't credit living the last 20 yrs in Maryland with much. Some of the answers were from the midwest or the Great Lakes region (huh?).

Think that maybe that's cause 55% (or so ) of the US is South of the Mason Dixon line?

I'm thinking about it..... :roll:


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Ok, I came out 49% Yankee and I have never lived south of Philadelphia.

But then I took a quiz on who I should vote for and I who thought I was pretty much a liberal Republican (Yes there is such an animal) came out overwhelmingly for Kerry. Sharpton 2nd, Edwards 3rd and Bush a distant 6th.



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45% Yankee. That's what I get for spending 20 years in the army and living all over the US, plus Korea, Japan, and Hawaii. I was waiting to see the Hawaian saying: COMONIWANNALAIU and see how that is translated. I bet Becky and a few others will figure out that Hawaiin saying.

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