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Getting over the shock now trying to figure out answers


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I'm getting over the shock of my mum's cancer recurrence but trying to figure it out. My mum's CT scan in November showed that she was clear but this recent PET scan showed cancerous activity and there was something there although fairly small. Can infection and inflammation make tumours appear larger? My mum also had an infection in her chest and they don't know if it could make the tumour appear bigger. I don't know if immunotherapy could cause this either.

I'm not looking for false hope but I'm trying to understand how the CT scan was clear in November but now, three months later there's cancer. Even the doctor thought that my mum's scan would be clear. The doctor spoke about doing a CT scan as well. 

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I certainly can’t explain a clean scan followed by a not so clean scan. I’m not sure anyone can. 

The thing that makes lung cancer so dangerous is frequency of recurrence. I had 5 in my treatment history. I do hope the blip in your mom’s scan is something besides a recurrence. If not, then help your mom put on her battle rattle and engage the beast. 

Stay the course.


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