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About to have the port flushed.....

Fay A.

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which is no big deal, except that the LAST time I did that my neck swelled up like a bull frog's, and it burned like fire from the front of the chest where the port is located (left internal jugular), along the neck, into the back. Here's to hoping this doesn't happen again......

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Glad your flush was more of a gentle suck then the airplane KA-WHOOOOSH!

Don't know how it works out where YOU are, but in the country around here, folks have septic tanks...and when they get full, ya call the suck truck to come clean ya out... What a nasty beastie THAT thing is to be behind in traffic on a summer day - almost as bad as a honey wagon! (& I'll bet you know JUST the wagon I'm talkin' 'bout!)...

Good to see you got the better end of the coin toss this time!

Yer favorite breakfast FLAKE,


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So....is this REAL port-a-potty humor?

I think my veins/arteries may just be wearing out. (one of the problems associated with Polycystic Kidney Disease is fragile artery syndrome). When they set up the IV for my CT scan on Friday the same thing happened. The hand burned like crazy when they did the saline flush, but the contrast went in okay. Afterwards my hand swelled up, and now I have a bruise that pretty much covers the entire top of my hand and a portion of the palm.

When the problem occurred with the port-a-cath they sent me to the hospital to have a procedure done to determine if the port a cath were leaking. They set me up under a scanner and injected a small amount of dye into the port. Evidently, they had around 5 people have leaking internally implanted ports that week. Mine was okay. But it is something that we need to be aware can happen. My port was fine...my veins are another matter.

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