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Prayers Needed


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Hello friends,

I have not posted much lately, because there has not been a whole lot to report. My mom is continuing along with her clinical trial and things are going well. Her side effects are few and she will be scanned next week, so I am praying that I will have some good news to report, for her and for all of us!

Can you please say a prayer for my mom today, this week has been a very emotional one for her. She has been crying for days and nothing I say seems to help. I have encouraged her to talk with people who understand what she is going through, but she is reluctant. This weekend is going to be a tough one for us, we have a wedding in NYC and she is already working herself into a panic about going. So, if you have some extra time, please say a prayer for my mom. Thank you.

Blessings to you all,


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Thank you all for the prayers!

Maryann, thank you for your offer to have my mom PM you. She has not been a participant on this board, but I am thinking I might encourage her to start. As I have said many times before, my mom is VERY passive when it comes to understanding all there is understand about LC. Not that she does not take her health seriously, she is changing her diet, trying to be more proactive, but she relies on me to do the research and doesn't ask many questions of her doctor. I know the stats mean nothing, but she has never been told anything by her doctor and I truly believe she has never read what they are. I think in her heart she knows she is in for a battle, but it is hard once you read the stats in print, hard to forget them. So, I am fearful that if she came to the board, it would be hard for her to take in all that happens here. I am just not sure she is strong enough for it. It is hard for me, b/c there is much to take away from this board and I can not imagine my life without it.

Re: the trip to the city, she REALLY wants to go. And this is a very personal battle for her. She is agoraphobic and was so far along in her "recovery" before this diagnosis hit. That has been very tough for her, b/c the chemo sends her nerves into overdrive, not to mention the damn steroids. So, ultimately, she will stay home if she has to, but I know that is the last thing she wants to do. So, I pray everyday for her courage to return, so that she may enjoy the happy times, even in the middle of this, the fiercest battle of her life.


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Dear Sharon,

I was so very sorry to hear that your Mom is so down. This darned disease is so hard on everyone, sometimes it's just too much to take.

My love and prayers go out to you both. I hope you can put your troubles behind you for a while and enjoy the wedding.


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I will be thinking good thoughts! I am hoping that once your mom is at the wedding and everyone compliments her, she will be "at ease" for the night and have a wonderful time!

I think scan weeks put us all in a frenzy. I myself know I always seem to lose it :) Please post right away when you get results.

Also, as wonderful as this board is, I don't have my mom read it. I will show her bits and pieces of people's pictures and posts, but I honestly don't think she can handle it. Every person is different. Like you, I am her researcher. I thought my mom knew statistics, but she doesn't. She told my mother in law what her statistics are and they were higher than reality, so why tell her.

My mom knows how incredible everyone on this board is, she knows I talk about the people all the time, she knows who all of my sisters are, but the reality of this all can be hard. If I can do anything, please let me know. If your mom wants to e-mail me or my mom, one New Yorker to a former New Yorker, at anytime or if we can write a message you can forward to her let us know.

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To my dear friends,

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement! We were BLESSED with a wonderful weekend. Going into Saturday, my mom was still quite distressed and not feeling very well. We left it Saturday evening that she would be in touch Sunday morning. Well, I was so busy Sunday morning helping my brother get ready for the wedding, that I did not have time to worry as much about my mom, which is a good thing, because with more time on my hands, I probably would have called and tried to encourage her, but she would have taken my efforts as too much pressure (I can be a bit of a nudge, with only the best intentions, but somehow I am always the one pushing too hard :oops: ) Well, next thing I know, I looked out my window and there she was! She came in, look around my newly painted apartment, took a nap and then we got ready and made our way to the wedding. Everyone was SO happy to see her and she loved every minute of the day. We attended our first Jewish wedding, she loved learning all the new customs and history behind the ceremony, danced a little and laughed a lot, witnessed my brother give the world's finest best man toast ever :-), and made memories to last a lifetime. We all gave thanks last night, because without God and the prayers of our friends, such a wonderful day would not have been possible.

I read to my mom yesterday from Carleen's recent post about enjoying the normal times and the memories that we make together. I will forever be grateful that I can now think back on yesterday and remember my beautiful, sweet mother dancing to Runaround Sue, with a happy smile on her face.



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