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Hello again. I was originally scheduled to have an open Thoracotomy on January 28th but my surgery was cancelled because my EKG came back abnormal during pre-admission testing. Yesterday I had a consultation with a cardiologist and he cleared me to have lung surgery without sending me for a stress test or heart ultrasound.( I had these tests done 2 years ago and they came out fine.) Now I just have to take another COVID-19 test on Monday that will be followed by surgery on Thursday, February 18th.

A few weeks ago,  I met with a Radiologist for a consultation about Cyberknife treatment, just to find out what my other options were. When I asked him what stage my cancer was he told me T1A for the right upper lobe and T1B for the right middle lobe. I found that very odd considering that my thoracic  surgeon told me the cancer stage was 2B or 3A . The surgeon said it was hard to determine what stage the cancer was, not knowing if the 2nd small nodule in my right upper lobe was cancerous or not. Only the nodule in my right middle lobe lit up on my 2 PET scans and was biopsied and found to be an adenocarcinoma. During surgery the doctor will biopsy the 2nd smaller  nodule and either do a resection of the upper lobe or a double  lobectomy. Is this something that is common or not? I would think that doctors would agree on the cancer stage based on all the tests results they had to look over. What ever the case may be I’ll be so happy to get the surgery over and find out for sure where things stand .


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The "T1A" or "T1B" refer ONLY to the tumor size, I believe, not the overall stage of the cancer. So you have two different T measurements for the two tumors.

After surgery, they should be able to give you an accurate stage for your cancer (which is simply Stage !a, IIb, etc.).

Glad you got a new surgery date.

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