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I bet I am going to need this based on my HMO. Have others had problems with HMOs not paying for things AFTER the fact and not granting "permission" for treatments that Drs in their own network suggest???? ANd not paying the amount the DR in their own network charged????

This is unreal to me.


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I have had problems too. I was discriminated against by my job. I just got a letter today saying they won't pay for Celebrex. Can you believe it. I pay my premiums each month myself on time and they won't pay for this prescription. My GP is an idiot. I explained to them what needed to happen and they asked my onc to get permission for the scrip. I told GP's office to tell the insurance I needed it for artheritis and they didn't even do that.... I don't know. PM me and maybe we can compare info.

God Bless and in my prayers...


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