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Can't stop reading up about my mum's cancer


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My mum's recurrence has made me even more neurotic. I can't help but keep on researching about her subtype and potential treatment. My mum has squamous cell carcinoma and no mutations. Some sites say that squamous cell carcinoma is harder to treat than adenocarcinoma and that there's more treatment options for adenocarcinoma. None of my mum's doctors mentioned that it's harder to treat and she was given immunotherapy (imfinzi) but it didn't really work. My mum is going to see a much nicer doctor on Tuesday who has signed her up for a clinical trial (we think it might be treatment that is approved in the US but not available on the NHS but this hospital that my mum will be at is one of the leading cancer hospitals) and if she's not eligible, it'll be chemo. I hope that she might be able to get keytruda as I've read that it's suitable for both squamous cell and adenocarcinoma.

Is squamous cell carcinoma really harder to treat than adenocarcinoma? There's a lot of mixed views that I've read- some journals say that there isn't much difference between adenocarcinoma and squamous cell, some say that squamous cell is the least aggressive and some say that it's harder to treat than adenocarcinoma. Also the lung cancer statistics in the UK aren't very good. The only thing in my mum's favour is that she'll be at one of the best hospitals and if anything, she can afford to go private. 

Sorry for rambling. I'm driving myself crazy reading up about everything. 

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1 hour ago, LexieCat said:

Tom Galli has squamous cell. Since he's dealing with the ice and outages in Texas, I'll tell you what he'd say: "If I can live, so can your mom." I believe he just celebrated 17 years as a survivor.

I thought that Tom had squamous cell but I wasn't completely sure. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think that he had any targeted treatments either. How are you doing LexieCat?

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I'm having a rough week with non-cancer-related stuff (results of cataract surgery and leg pain most likely related to arthritis). 

Got some appointments next week that hopefully will get me on the road to recovery with both.


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