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My Dad's stage 4 lung cancer.


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So Tagrisso was started only a month ago. Some people improve immediately and it's a slower process for others. I count myself as one of the slower ones because I was so weak and had so many health problems before starting Tag due to chemo and radiation. 

It's possible that the excessive sleeping is actually fatigue from the radiation or a side effect that many Tagrisso users report. Some take Tag at night to combat the fatigue. I take mine at bedtime so I don't forget.

It took me about 5 months until I recovered from everything I went through, and I still have radiation-induced pneumonitis, although it doesn't seem to bother me. 

For the weight loss, try some high-calorie treats like ice cream or milk shakes, or supplementation with Boost or Ensure. Increase that calorie intake whatever way you can. 

The prognosis of 2-3 years on Tag is just an average. Some people get more and unfortunately some get less. But some have been on the 1st and 2nd generation TKIs for years (Tag being a 3rd generation drug). 

I think it's more difficult being a caregiver than a patient. Give the drug time to work and keep dealing with issues and symptoms as they come up. Join the private FB group Tagrisso (osimertinib) Patients and Caregivers Group and you'll find others who are in the same early stage of Tagrisso treatment. It really is a wonder drug. 

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Thank you all! I hope Dad’s oncologist is right and Dad have at least a good year. He is still enjoying his days and bossing me around if I didn’t cook something for him the way he likes it, which makes me smile, when before I would get annoyed.

I was under the impression once Dad starts Tagrisso, he will be improving day-by-day, so I see now, I need to be more patient and not freak out. The amount of metastasis is crazy and hard to believe he will be ok for a year. My mom had metastasis only to her stomach and passed away in 3 months from ovarian cancer at age 50. Dad’s cancer seems like everywhere, but I guess I should stop comparing….

I did increase his calories via nuts, cream cheese, potato etc. He does not want to have any meat or fish any more so it is a little adjustment as to what to feed him every day.

I will post updates time-to-time, you guys are such an inspiration and provide so much comfort.

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