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Lung For Sale.

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Fifteen months ago  a few weeks after my lung cancer diagnosis, I had a four hour surgery to remove a tumor in my femur. A 15” titanium rod was inserted in my femur to prevent breakage. On Jan 1, 2020  I awoke that morning in my private room
. A nurse walked in and I asked “ what happened, its freezing in here,  is this the morgue? “ She laughed sheepishly noting someone set the thermostat to 63.   

  Lesson 1; it feels better to laugh and make people smile.
As the months went on I had high dose radiation to my brain as well as as my femur. 
  A year later between chemo/immuno, surgery & radiation,  I’m thrilled I’ve been able to keep the illness from progressing with lung tumors reducing 75%.  No head or femur tumors.
This spring I was able to tend my vegetable garden and do outside chores that I love doing. I also was able to enjoy my local pool with Elaine and soak in the sun & play my guitar and harmonica.
I also was able to visit my cousins and aunts to brighten the summer.

Lesson 2 : Don’t count the days, make the days count.
Being a lung cancer survivor,
 ( one year plus )  I also decided to volunteer @ Cancer Hope Network as a mentor to people that need help , support and have questions in regards to their illness. Its very rewarding and I thank my mentor, Pat Tawes , RIP. 

Lesson 3; Do what makes you happy.

To say I’m grateful is an understatement. For me personally 2020 was a win with my current health. Even having to be treated every three weeks with chemo ( for life ) with scans ever three months, numerous blood test and side effects ,I’ve adapted to my reality. 

I did have to go through the sadness of losing my aunt to COVID and my cancer mentor, as 2020 was difficult for so many.
I hope and pray for my FB family and friends that we can be reunited again soon with warm hugs and kisses. ( not virtual ) 

Lesson 4; Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees , it brought me to my feet. 

Be kind to one another.
Be safe, be healthy.
Enjoy life.

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Hi Lenny Blue,

My name is Emma. I'm currently a Junior in a high school taking a class called "Anatomy & Physiology". I'm reaching out as a student to get some context for my project surrounding lung cancer. I've done my preliminary research; however, I'm looking to get more personal research on the effects of lung cancer. I was looking through a few of the stories in this chat and I really felt compelled by your advice and outlook on cancer. I would love if we could talk and discuss more about your journey. I completely understand if you don't feel comfortable or interested in talking to me. If you are interested, I would love to chat! 

Thank you for your time,

- Emma

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