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My Oncologist Wrote a Book

Judy M2

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I hope it's OK to post this--it's not an advertisement at all. My oncologist is a strong believer in hope and positive emotions, and he sometimes does unusual things to lift a patient's spirits, like composing music for them. I hope his message can help us live well in the present. 

This book isn't out yet but can be pre-ordered. I'm looking forward to reading it. 


UPDATE: I just watched a podcast (link below) where Dr. E discusses the book and his healing philosophy. While long, it was illuminating, and his personality really shines through. He has so many uplifting messages for cancer patients. He will be starting a closed Facebook group called Cancer Fight Club. To join, send an email to steven@drsteven.com. And he also posts at drsteven.com. If this helps just one person who is struggling or fearful, it's worth it! 


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Even though I'm an admin, I don't know if this is considered an advertisement.  I'll let Kristin comment for me.  But, personally, I'm going to look into this.  We all fall victim to the denial, anger and fear he mentions.  


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