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NSCLC 22years old

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No worries--this stuff has a def learning curve. 

BTW, at some point you might want to start threads in some of the other forums--the "Updates" forum or the "Chemo" forum or "Immunotherapy" or even "Radiation"--even though you're done with radiation, you are still dealing with the effects. You don't HAVE to post somewhere else, but you're not quite a newcomer anymore, and posting in the other forums might make it easier for other people having similar issues find your posts. Just a suggestion. :) You're getting to be an old hand at this.

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Not a problem--It's just that sometimes the best strategy for engaging with other members with similar issues is to post in different forums and to keep the threads to a reasonable length. 

You're doing fine--as I said, just a suggestion to help you, and others, get the most out of your shared experiences, knowledge, and support.

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