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African American's and Lung Cancer


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Reposting this opportunity created by lung cancer survivor and MD, 

Dr. Morhaf Achkar.



We invite you to be part of a research study about the lung cancer experiences of Black/African Americans. This study is being conducted by Morhaf Al Achkar and his collaborators. The goal is to understand the racial health disparity related lung cancer diagnosis.

Please consider study participation if you are a Black/African American person with lung cancer. Caregivers, healthcare providers and community advocates for Black/African American patients with lung cancer are also invited to participate.

The study consists of interviews, focus groups, and surveys, 6-12 months apart. Some participants may be asked to send photos or videos as well as record reflections with loved ones or other people involved in their cancer care. Some may also be asked to submit personal writings, such as journals. Some of the interviews and focus groups will be led by community members and some by researchers. This is an IRB approved study and IRB documentation is attached to the invite study email.

If you choose to participate, you will be paid $50 for each interview or focus group, $25 for each survey, $25 for prompted conversations with caregivers and $5 for submission of artwork, writings or videos. The same amount will be paid for each follow up data collection instance.

If you would like more information about this study, please call (206)-809-0311 or email alachkar@uw.edu. Agreeing to be contacted or a request for more information does not require you to participate in this study.

Please complete the following eligibility survey and select your interview/focus group availability times here": https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3BNKGBP



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