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Latest Scanxiety is Over. NED!


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I had my scans yesterday and was concerned that my virtual call with my Oncologist wasn't until Monday so I called the office to see if I could move it up to Friday.  "No go", as he is out of the office until Monday.  But, I got a call from his NP and she told me that he approved her telling me the results; "No evidence of recurrence, no evidence of new growth and all appears to be stable".  Needless to say Kit (her name) is on my "favorite persons list" and...even a cloudy day like today with the threat of tornado warnings looks pretty darned good to me.  Hearing others share their NED is always a thrill to me and it's also cool to hear my own.

Let's keep all the NED's coming in 2021 and beyond.  Love all of you guys/gals.


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2 hours ago, LexieCat said:

I guess I'm a little confused. What do they mean by "no evidence of remission"?


Darned auto-correct; that should have read recurrence. I'll correct it. Thanks


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Well, how about that! Lou had a great scan.

You've been so very helpful and supportive of folks who've joined this community. I thank you for your kindness and wisdom. You know this disease is hard to navigate, but you lend your knowledge and support to folks everyday. The Lord always pays back one's love for fellow man. It looks like you've been paid!

Stay the course.


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