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psychological research on lung cancer


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Hi everybody 

i am Greg phd Student from France and caregiver of my Father. He has a lung cancer with met exon 14 mutation, the capmatinib didn't work and now I get only immunotherapy alone after combination chemotherapy and immunotherapy. 

Since the beginning of his illness, I decided to study and to research what kind of responds he is living. The aim of my research is to compare and explore if people with lung cancer experience embitterment and trauma symptoms. 

I need contribution and ur help to explore every aspects because sorry of that but lung cancer isn’t a breast cancer ... and more difficult in covid time....


u can take a look on my website www.psyrlc.com u will find informations about the university and a video on which I explain my research. The questions will be online and you can answer them from March 23

thank u  for ur participation and ur help 

If u has any questions feel free to ask 

I wish u all the best 

best regards 

and keep hope !!! 


if u think the website is not the best one please be free to tell ! gregory.rouleaud@uni-lorraine.fr


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