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Helloooooooo from Omaha


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Made it to Omaha. Spent 4 hours wandering the zoo today before the show and it was wonderful.

Had the chemo on Tuesday before I headed up here and so far the only side effects I have had were:

1: I ate like a HORSE all day Tuesday

2: I had the WORST case of GAS I ever had on Wednesday

Think they are related???

Anyway, borrowed a computer to send this to you all so better get off. Have a great week and I will "see" you on the 1st!!

God Bless,


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I don't remember what kind of chemo you are on this time, but two of the three chemo protocols I have been on have given horrible gas a couple of days after treatment. (Embarassing at any time, but particularly so for me Monday mornings when I am standing in front of a class of college kids who don't want to be there.) But then, it could certainly be a result of eating like a horse--that gives me gas too!

Glad you are feeling well enoguh to be out at the zoo.


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