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Scans this week--good vibes appreciated!


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This Wednesday I go for my scans; seeing the oncologist on Thursday. I try to always time things so I have only a day to stress out waiting for the results.

Some of you might recall I had what my doc called a "confusing" scan last time. The radiologist was concerned about signs of potential progression but the oncologist didn't see  what they were talking about--oncologist was pretty sure there were no signs of progression (this is the reason I never want to see my scan report till the oncologist has seen it and can explain it to me). So anyway, I have a bit of trepidation about this scan/visit. Hopefully it will clear up the question and confirm that everything is stable, at worst. 

I probably won't think about it all that much until after the scans.  But I could use some good thoughts/vibes this week. :) 


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Wishing you the best on your scans... I'll be thinking of you and pulling for nothing but good things, just as you do for everyone else here. I know it sounds kind of cliche, but even for you it's good to hear; stay in the fight! Lots of folks need you...

My next scans aren't until 6/17...we'll see then whether this carpet bombing chemotherapy will have done what it was supposed to have done. (I really didn't mean to bring this up but if it took your mind off your scans even for a second I succeeded in my mission.) ☺

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