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Hello, @TJM.

Nothing to report until 4/27/2021 when I see the oncologist again. No CT scan or X-rays this time. Just bloodwork. That kind of hints at they got it all. This is my second appointment since chemo. My hair is back, though I have no idea who it belongs to. Mine used to be soft and curly at the ends. This hair is black and gray (I've never had black hair!) and like a wire brush. Sparser than before.

How's by you?


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Glenn, my hairdresser says I have chemo hair, lol. She said it can change over time, but who knows for sure? I'm just glad it's growing back. 

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Doing well enough Glen. My hair came back really curly and rough at first. But as its grown out it is back to the old grey and straight hair I had before.

Been hearing about blood tests as screening a lot lately. Have to ask my onc about that.



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