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Scan Results...good news

Rower Michelle

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It's my turn to chime in today.  Yesterday I had my scans and similar to @RonH experience, the results were posted shortly after I got home.   I have to say I was surprised but then I remembered @MBinOregon said something about a new Federal rule about releasing medical results to the patient portal as soon as they were made available.  

I was nervous.  I asked hubby, should we look or wait?  We looked.  Virtually the same report as last time, NED.  There are two radiologists who typically read my scans, one says Stable, the other typically says no new evidence of metastatic disease.  As far as my oncologist is concerned, other than some scarring from where the tumor was, my lungs look essentially normal.  

I have been on targeted therapy for 30 months.  While we have no idea how long much longer this ride will continue, there is no predictor so for now we carry on, until the next set of scans in three months.   

I'm so grateful for this community, even though I've been a little MIA, I still read the posts and keep up with everyone.   


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And congratulations to Michelle! The only results posted so far from yesterday's scan and blood work is my CEA level, which is at an all-time low of 1.8! So I'm going to expect a good report too, next Tuesday. 

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I was off the boards for a few weeks and am just now catching up.  Your scan news is music to my ears.  So glad to hear that it was a great results.  I look forward to many more "Stable", "NED"scans for you.


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