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Starting radiation for small dell


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I'm starting radiation next week.  They are not suggesting chemo.  After scans and biopsies, it seems like there is only one location.  Any advice, hints etc???

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Welcome Jude

You e come to the right place! One suggestion? Post in the New Members forum and provide as much info as you want to. For example....why no Chemo.

Anyway...post in New Members and I think you will get more responses 

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Welcome here. If you have limited stage small cell (a single small tumor) radiation can be a sure kill of that tumor. So it can be a very effective treatment. 

Most who have limited stage are treated surgically. Radiation can sometimes substitute for surgery if the tumor is close to major organs (heart) or vessels. After surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy is often used to police up cancer cells in the blood or lymphatic system. This form of therapy is also common after radiation so ask your doc about it. 

You didn’t give us much information about your diagnosis; tumor location, size and method of biopsy. Small cell responds best to treatment when it is found early. I’m hoping your cancer fits that timeline. Questions? This is a good place to ask. 

Stay the course.  


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