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Surgery is most likely now


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My mom had her PET and Brain MRI. Her brain is empty as I always knew ;) Pet showed no new cancer. So March 4 is upper right lobe removal!!!! Tonight I am going to read all the posts about surgery, I never wanted to before because I was too scared to jump the gun.

On Tues they are doing the clot filer through her groin to prevent further clots to lung. Has anyone had that done? Is it painful? I assume it is b/c you are awake. I am not sure what to expect with that, I have not heard much about it.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. I love all of you and pray for you and your families all the time!

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I had a right upper lobectomy last September. I'm doing pretty good now....of course it's been five months of recoup. The adjuvent chemo extends the recovery time some too. As far as the surgery goes.....I had an indwelling epidural for pain...which is the way to go. My pain levels stayed around a 3 out of 10 most of the time. My hospital stay was just 5 days...but don't think this was an easy surgery. It's tough...but she'll make it. Be sure to have plenty of pillows on hand for your mom when she gets home.....she'll have problems laying down to sleep for a while. I slept sitting up...then used the 6 or 7 pillows to prop myself up during the day too. I had 2 drain tubes in my back from the surgery. Both of mine came out before I went home from the hospital....but I've heard that's not always the case. Tell her to work hard on her respiritory rehab exercises after surgery and she'll be able to go home qucker. Good luck with everything. I'll be thinking of you both next week.............mayos

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I hope your mom's surgery goes well. The advice about the respiratory therapy was good, and I'll add the arm/shoulder therapy -- start as soon as the doctor advises, and stick to it so she doesn't heal with shortened muscles from the resectioning.

There will be the numb spots for a while, some won't go away.

The epidural for pain (indwelling) is great while you're there.

Rib area will ache for a while.

Let us know how it goes....



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check out the post WHAT TO EXPECT i asked the same question before surgery. under that post is alot of great advice. good luck on the surgery cause its no walk in the park.....only thing i can add is bring a lolli pop to the hospital you can lick the pop and suck the ice chips. it will at least give it a little flavor.... luv & light being sent your way

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