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Lung Nodule Newbie and scared


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Hey everyone!

I found this forum and knew I could possibly get some insight on this.  In 2015 I had a CT scan show two non-calcified lung nodules. One was 13mm and the other 9mm. They did repeat CT scans in 3 months and due to no changing in size they considered them stable and benign. I was told they would "go away" and they never spoke of them again.  Fast forward to 02/2021 and a lump showed up behind my right ear. It was small and I didn't think much of it thinking it was from an ear infection or something making the lymph node swell.  I had brain surgery at the end of April and on the day I came home I noticed the knot was still there and had grown in size. I called the ENT who set me up to see the "lump and bump doctor" (whatever doctor that is?), admitted me to the hospital, and put me on 15 bags of IV antibiotics and an antibiotic to take at home for two weeks. None of that made the lump go away or even decrease in size. It doesn't hurt to press on it and it isn't rubber like. Its a hard lump! I then looked at my patient portal at my CT results they did of my abdomen while in the hospital and on the scan it showed "multiple" nodules in the right lower lobe of the lung with the largest measuring 16mm with "central calcification". I thought these things would go away! :( Should I be concerned that the nodules have grown even if the largest has "central calcification"...especially with a lump in my lymph node??? Can these things actually be malignant even with calcification?!?!

I see the ENT this afternoon, but I am so terrified I don't know what to do!

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Most nodules (60%) are non-cancerous.  Many are formed from infections, irritations, allergies and the like.  So please don't run to a diagnosis that may be way off base.  You are right to want to have the finding looked into a bit more and the doctors may compare old scans with this one...choose to monitor these for a period of time or perform other diagnostic tests (e.g., PET Scan).  So you are still a ways off from a cancer diagnosis.  Please make sure you ask the doctors about any questions you may have so you can feel confident in the work being done and better understand its results.  

Stay in touch here along the way and ask any specific questions that may come up as you go through the process.  But, most of all, please slow down and let the process move forward.  You very well may have nothing to be so concerned about and will only know once the doctors review everything.


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Your going down the right path. Do you have an oncologist or pulmonologist? I would be a bit concerned about the growth and calcification.

Not sure what an ENT is but keep is informed. Any details about you? Age, location.

I am very sensitive about screening nodules and watching them as a strategy. I'll bore with details later.



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The ent is doing a repeat scan next month and sending me to a Pulmonologist to determine if they want another CT or go ahead and do a PET scan. 

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41 minutes ago, LexieCat said:

ENT= Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. A pulmonologist is the one to see about lung nodules. 

Hey Lexie...thought you was in the hospital?

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