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Taxotere Cyramza #2


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Yesterday, I received the second round of this chemo combo. They gave me an 80% dose because my platelets were 95 and not the 100 they want. We didn't want to wait another week because that would make it just 2 weeks from my daughter's wedding.

Still no results from the liquid biopsy they did 3 weeks ago. So they sent another.

My voice is almost gone. Started about 10 days ago and was got really bad about 3 days ago. I am having some difficulty swallowing even water. So I need to call my gastroenterologist. I've had my esophagus dilated in the past and it may be time to do it again. They did a chest xray and didn't see any other obvious reasons, no aspirated food, no nodules pushing on things.

The good news is that my liver results are improving and I'm not having the abdominal pain. So hopefully, this stuff is working!

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I feel so bad for what you are going through.  The swallowing thing must be driving you crazy.  I just had a surgery (having to lay on my stomach) where the darned airway left my throat a mess.  That was over a week ago an it's only now starting to improve.  But at least I can eat and drink.  I can only imaging how bad it must feel to be in your shoes.  Please do get to your gastro asap so you can get some relief.  Glad to hear that your liver results are improving.  Anytime the liver performance improves is a sign that the body is being better cleansed.  Once you find out what is causing the harsh throat reaction please let us know.  


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