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Non treatable Glomus tumor of lung


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Hi , 

I know there is not much knowledge in the group about Glomus tumor. My dad is currently on the ventilator due to respiratory distress due to the 10cm in his left lung. They are trying to wean him off ventilator however it’s looks far fetched. They are wanting to extubating him and since he is alert and cognitive we are scared to extubate him. Anyone in similar situation. He wants to live however we are not given any treatment options. What to do? 

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This seems to be such a rare form of cancer it's likely not prioritized for treatment.  My prayers for you and your family.  I hope they can make your dad as comfortable as possible.


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So sorry to hear that news. I hope he is comfortable. Actually surprised there is absolutely no treatment...or is he to sick for treatment?

In my thoughts



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