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Good news about my mum


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Two weeks ago my mum met with her oncologist about her PET and CT scan results. The news is excellent. We went through a terrible time in February when we were told that the cancer had come back but it turns out that they made a mistake and they mistook inflammation for cancer. The oncologist said that they would keep an eye on the inflammation but if it didn't decrease or got worse then they would investigate further. So my mum's SUV value went from 9.8 to 3.4! The oncologist said that under 4 is considered normal! This is obviously great news and my mum is currently not receiving any treatment; the plan is just to monitor her with scans every few months. 

I was very worried and scared that the inflammation wouldn't go down and it would be a cause of concern. The oncologist said that the inflammation is from the immunotherapy and heavy radiotherapy that my mum received. Just to recap mum was diagnosed with stage 3B squamous call carcinoma in February 2020. She underwent aggressive treatment- the highest dose of radiation and two rounds of chemo followed by immunotherapy (durvamulab).  

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This is very good news and I'm so glad to hear it.  Your Mom (Mum?) has had a rough time of it and this must be very welcome.  I pray you have more and more good news.


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