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Marcia Fluhr

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Need some support!  Been hospitalized since last Wednesday.  Fluid removed from around heart.   Doctor sent palliative nurse to give me the results of the study.  I am so disappointed!!!

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Deep breath!

I know things get hectic at the hospital, but if you can provide some additional details it will help us help you! Why are yo in the hospital? Are you diagnosed with LC? What type and stage? What, if any, treatment have you received? How old are you? 

Welcome regardless. I'm happy you found us.



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Tom is right.  We can do much more to support you if you can give us some more background on your disease and what is going on now.  We have many people here who have gone through very hard times and are doing well today.  They are open and willing to share their experience, but first need to understand what you are going through in order to make it work for you.


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