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Anybody starting on Lumakras now that it’s approved?

Chris Demain

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Have you tried the private LUNGevity Facebook group KRAS Blasters or the KRAS Kickers group? I've got to think some of those members may have been in the clinical trials. Good luck with this breakthrough! 

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3 hours ago, Chris Demain said:

Lumakras is my next option and would love to learn what’s others may experience……..

Can you give some more details? What's your diagnosis and stage. What treatments have you already had? What's your current situation?

I ask out of selfishness. Any and all new treatments are of interest to many people...including me. Thanks for sharing



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Tom: Diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC last July. Chemo (Carboplatin & Alimta helped) then Alimta alone not so much. Added Immunotherapy (Keytruda)- which helped with lymph nodes and bone metastases but lung nodule grew back a bit.  So we’re gonna radiate lung while staying with chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  I have KRAS mutation so it’s definitely a “Plan B” after everything else has run its course. 

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