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Old, Odd Poetry!

Tom Galli

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Once, when I was young I got a gift. A book of poetry for me; no lift! Work by ee cummings to read, Confused, baffled, befuddled, indeed.

Then cancer came to me, in time. And one reminded me of rhyme, By blogging a prayer by ee cummings to read. And see the light, I did, indeed.

My favorite ee cummings Poem - Skating

Spring is past, and Summer's past, Autumn's come, and going; Weather seems as though at last We might get some snowing. Spring was good, and Summer better, But the best of all is waiting,- Madame Winter-don't forget her.- O You Skating!

Spring we welcomed when we met, Summer was a blessing; Autumn points to school, but yet Let's be acquiescing. Spring had many precious pleasures; Winter's on a different rating; She has greater, richer treasures,- O You Skating!

Gleam of ice, and glint of steel, Jolly, snappy weather; Glide on ice and joy of zeal, All, alone, together. Fickle Spring! Who can imprint her?- Faithless while she's captivating; Here's to trusty Madame Winter.- O You Skating!

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I was always a Robert Frost fan myself, but sometimes poetry can evoke feelings that even music doesn't.  I think it has to do with the reading of the words and our minds forming the images, thoughts and feelings around what we are taking in.  Thanks for sharing.



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