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Cough, sinus drainage, reflux after lobectomy

Pat C

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Hi everyone, I am new to the site and would like to know if any of you experienced chronic sinus drainage, related cough and reflux after your lung surgery?
I had my lobectomy 14 months ago and have had these issues ever since. 

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Hi Pat,

Welcome to the site.  Your symptoms are perplexing.  I had a lobectomy and know many others here who have as well and I hadn't heard the symptoms you mention being a problem.  Perhaps some person may come forward with the same experience, but I just haven't seen is as of yet.  Some coughing, usually clearing fluid left from surgery, can occur.  Most of us experience that, but not the particular symptoms you are describing.  What has your doctor had to say about these symptoms, especially after your are suffering them for 14 months.  I do hope you find some relief from them though.


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Hi Pat - What has your medical team said about these issues? I had constant coughing for 3 months after my lobectomy. It was very draining physically and emotionally. My doctor prescribed benzonatate and that broke the cycle of irritation and calmed it down by 90% within another month. I'm a year post-surgery now and I cough more than before the surgery but not incessantly like right afterwards - mostly when there's bad air or something triggering it.

I also have a hiatal hernia which can cause reflux - I've actually not had many symptoms of that, and the solution if I do is to eat smaller amounts and nothing later in the evening.

Hope you get it figured out and resolved!

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