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Post-treatment Iovance TIL trial updates

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I'm a bit late to the party since you already had your scan, but I am sending positive vibes for good scan results!

And I am so sorry to hear about your kitty.  Cat person or not, those little devils tend to bury into our souls and their loss is felt for a long time.  Hugs to you!


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I just saw this and am sitting her cheering you on and wish you great outcome from your scans.  I understand about losing a pet.  I'm shocked at how much it affects me when I lose a pet, but we all know that they do become family, so I do understand how you feel.  Anyway...I'll be waiting to hear and look forward to it being good news for you.  


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Welp, the good news is that the doctor doesn't see any sign of disease progression. But the cloudiness has only increased (he gave me antibiotics last time for suspected pneumonia), and the amount of pericardial fluid noted on prior scans has suddenly increased. He thinks what he's seeing in me mirrors what's been going on with Linda (who was there at the same time I was, today) and is guessing it might be some kind of autoimmune response to the treatment.

So the bad news is he's sticking me back in the hospital for a week or so. He's ordering an echocardiogram, having a cardiologist and/or surgeon draw off the pericardial fluid, and having a workup done by a rheumatologist. He did promise me they would use the port for any labs and told me I'd be in the same cancer pavilion as before (comparatively pleasant room). 

The hospital just called and said I could "come right over" and I told them I was told tomorrow. I just got home half an hour ago--sheesh. So they will call me tomorrow.

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I’m mining the good news of no progression first. It sucks with the potential autoimmune problem and sucks squared about your hospitalization. But these are far better problems than progression. 

Keep us posted on your hospital experience if you feel up to it. 

Stay the course. 


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12 hours ago, BridgetO said:

Can you think of the hospitalization as a vacation? How's the food there?

Last time I was in the food sucked--but now I'm wondering how much of that was the treatment. It took a while to regain my appetite after I got out, so maybe a lot of it was me. Still, hospitals are not known for great food. 

I'm also disappointed because I was supposed to go to NYC this Friday for world premiere of the Mayor Pete documentary, about his presidential campaign (which I was heavily involved in as a volunteer). Oh well, they will stream it the next day so at least I can watch it. Still, was looking forward to the outing and was driving up with a friend. 

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Hey, I’m really sorry you’re back in the big house again.  I do hope they get to the bottom of it.  I remember when you volunteered for Mayor Pete’s campaign and how passionate you are in supporting causes you believe in.  I get the disappointment can overshadow the good news.   

Given your celebrity trial status, you will have lots of eyes on you helping you to get better even with the sucky food.  Eat the ice cream first! 

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