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CT Finding of 3 Ground Glass Nodules and two small noncalcified nodules

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Hi All,

I am a newbie seeking advice and diagnostic journey stories.

I am 55 year old female smoker.

Have had cough, lost 20lbs, and voice hoarseness. Had episode after 1st Modena COVID shot, with right sided pain and inability to take deep breath or even normal breath. Went to doctor, and they ordered chest CT. Findings included 3 ground glass appearing nodules of about 1.5cm and two ovoid, non-calcified nodules of 5mm. Having my repeat CT in two weeks. 
Anyone have a similar story, thoughts, or recommendations? 

I have been feeling especially fatigued, keep seeing spots and having to drop down to my haunches to avoid passing out. 

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Hmmm. I didn’t intend to post to the survivors section.  I  Don’t yet know my diagnosis and am looking for experiences from the patient point of view and am seeking advice, as well as seeing if anyone had similar initial path that did turn out to be cancer. Sending out general warm regards to people who are suffering.


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Don't worry about where you post. We'll find you regardless of where you are on your diagnostic journey.

So time for discussion of lung nodules, here is my go to resource explaining pulmonary nodules, and why they happen. Ground glass nodules (or opacities) may or may not be indications for lung cancer; 5mm nodules are indeed very small. So at this juncture wait, and watch by re-scan is a good course of action. Two weeks is, in my experience, a very short watch cycle. The normal re-scan cycle time is about 3 months.

Advice--I'd take time to read into our disease. Here is a good resource for understanding. To help you with resolve for quitting, you may want to read this first hand account of my consequences. It also contains a pretty compelling diagnostic story, so I'm told.

Welcome here and...

Stay the course.



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Thank you Tom. Thank you kindly for replying. I will have waited 3months for my first repeat CT, and just have two more weeks until that time ticks down. And, after I spent last night getting a bit better informed, I can appreciate the marathon path to definitive diagnosis I may have to travel. I just got caught off guard at my neurologist yesterday, when I casually mentioned it, and she ended up keeping me another half hour doing tests and looking at my records. Seems the nodules could also be neurosarcoidosis, so she wants some new tests run on her end. I will definitely look at your sources and read your story. Thanks again for taking the time for me.  - Best, Amy

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So it figures I get a Texan to reply to my digital message in a bottle. Before traveling cross-country to California, some 30ish years ago, I was a Texas girl, both parents Texas natives, and my Dad is 7th generation Texan! Texans like to talk, and if you’re a blond-haired blue-eyed girl, you do ok in Texas. My folks went to Hardin-Simmons, and my Dad went to UT. My mom went to nursing school in New Braunfels (not 100% on the spelling). I grew up, from pre-school to 9th grade, in Schertz, Tx, just outside of San Antonio. One set of grandparents lived in Abilene, where they were teachers, and my Pop was a professor at Hardin-Simmons. The others were from El Paso...Funny how one stays a Texan and how one runs into Texans. Anyhoo...

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