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'tis been a year...

Gina D.

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Since I had my last cigarette.

Since I was DX with Lung Cancer.

BUT.. it's been almost a year that that sucka was whacked outta me and it hasn't had the gall to show it's face around me again!

Just got my report card from my "yearlies" and the CTs and all other stuff are clear, clean, free and "normal". Not even a burp.

Phew! The landlord has renewed the lease for another 6 months :lol:

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Thank You!

And I am quite jealous of that hot rod you have there DeanCarl! Great paint job! VROOOOM!!!!!

I have been following your posts, even tho we haven't talked yet. I admire your decision with this whole treatment mess. I am with you.

You are an inspiration to me.

And hello to all my old croonies too. It's been too long since I poked my head in here.

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