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Qualified into World Trade Center Health Program

Judy M2

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After many, many months, I've finally been qualified into the World Trade Center Health Program. I will learn more about benefits on my next scheduled call on October 1. It's my understanding that the WTCHP will reimburse me for Tagrisso co-pays. The rule is that they are the payer of last resort, so I'll submit Rx claims to my Medicare Rx plan first. 

It's been a long process with lots of delays due to Covid closures. And the program can be opaque with the usual government bureaucracy. But I'm glad I jumped through all the hoops. 

I've posted this update for the benefit of any others who were in the exposure zone in NYC on or after 9/11. There are 65+ health conditions that qualify for benefits and compensation, and it's well worth looking into if you think you may qualify. 

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Hi Judy,

I was in the exposure zone after 9/11. I've been meaning to look into this program. The only thing I have done is gotten my apartment lease for that period from my old landlord. Did you have to use a lawyer for this? I've been avoiding it. 

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@hillham, you don't have to use a lawyer but I chose to because at the time I wasn't feeling well enough to do the application work. My law firm's website (link below) is an excellent source of information about the requirements for applying to the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. One of the requirements is getting affidavits of presence from 2 people who had personal knowledge that you were in the Exposure Zone in the aftermath. These are sometimes the hardest proof to get as time goes by. 

Attorneys' fees are restricted by the legislation that established the Fund. I believe their fees cannot exceed 25% of any award. This particular law firm is dedicated to 9/11 victims and survivors and really cares about us. I've had a good experience working with them. 

I began my application in November 2019, so that gives you an idea of how long the process takes. I hope you'll pursue this because not only does the government deserve to pay for their egregious determination that the air was "safe" at the time, but also to add to the count of victims, which continues to grow each day. 

Let me know if you have questions, I'm happy to help. 


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