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Lung Cancer, COVID and Common Sense

Tom Galli

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Thomas Paine, the essayist who established the case for revolution and separation from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War has a famed quote that we lung cancer survivors should attend to: “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

What reason is being renounced today? Vaccines (particularly COVID) are dangerous and do not work. Masking dose not work. Social distancing does not work. COVID is just a bad case of the flu. Only those with comorbidity are dying. I could go on but I think you understand my point.

Here are 3 more points of reason we should universally embrace. Lung cancer and its treatments affects the lungs; after treatment, our lungs continue to be vulnerable; and COVID attacks the lungs complicating breathing. The lung cancer corollary is COVID (in any form) is very dangerous to our community. 

Common sense is we should abide by all necessary precautions regardless the banter in the media (mainstream and social), political posturing, or the conspiracy theory of the day.

Let society rail and vomit diatribe, brew-up controversy, or other such nonsense. We cannot stop that mayhem. Let us however be firmly grounded in the reason of COVID Common Sense—vaccinate, mask and distance! 

Stay alive and stay the course.


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My cousin posted this very good explanation of Delta and vaccine efficacy on FB. The language is easier to understand than most.


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To your point; when I called the pharmacist to get the booster he asked what immuno-compromising disease/condition I had.  I explained the lobectomy and he immediately said, "that's good enough to qualify early, let's make the appointment".  I also believe masks (effective ones) can be helpful, also distance, etc.  I just worry about people that attach an unrealistic level of protection to any element.  We should do what we can and get the odds in our favor.  


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