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Stage 3A lung cancer. 3 more treatment's and then wait for new pet scan.

Meg Pizano

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Hi Meg,

Welcome to our forum.  I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Can you take a few moments to tell us some of the testing you've had, final diagnosis, biopsy results and stage of the disease?  If you haven't gone through all that yet that is also okay.  It's just that the more we know about your situation the better we can share our experiences in areas you may need the most support.

All that being said let me tell you that we have a very broad spectrum of survivors here.  Yes, I said survivors.  Lung Cancer is not the automatic death sentence that it used to be.  Treatments have come so far in the last 20 years alone and likely even farther in the last 5 than the previous 50.  So please try to stay calm as you can and stay away from Dr. Google...much of what you read on the internet is based on 5-year averages and don't always properly represent the newer treatments.  You'll soon be hearing from some wonderful people here, in the meantime, let me direct you to an important reading titled; "10 Steps to Survive Lung Cancer; by a Survivor"  you can find it here.  

I look forward to learning more about you and supporting you through this along with the rest of my Lungevity Family.


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