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Connie's right - no more phone or email


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In the last two days, I have asked for prayers for a friend, being tested for LC and for my sister just dx'd with throat cancer.

Another friend came over today to fix our down spout. He is getting the results of a prostate biopsy tomorrow.

I am not going to answer the phone, answer the door and check email. It seems that there is only bad news.

What is happening in this world with all this cancer? A nurse at Fox Chase told me last year that cancer patients were coming out of the woodwork. I know that more $$ are going for other cancers than LC, but something has to come out of all this research that can benefit ALL cancer patients.


PS Connie, Great new picture, funny I was just looking at your 'old' picture thinking I hoped you would update it and no sooner said than done.

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Hi Ginny,

I am so very sorry to hear about your sister, how awful for you, you have more than enough to worry about already!

I too wonder what is going on, so many people I know either have cancer or know someone who does. These are not older people either, most of them are under 40yrs., of age. Like you I wonder when this bad news is going to stop. It makes me wonder if like you say it is from pollution or is it something else?!

My prayers are going out to your sister and your friend.


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I am so very sorry that you are getting so much bad news. Like they say when it rains it pours. Just remember most of the time bad news comes in 3s so maybe now it is time for you to get some good news.

As for all of the cancer I think of the pharse "something is rotten in Denmark" :x

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Hey Ginny,

I'm with you on WHERE IS ALL THIS MONEY GOING FOR CANCER RESEARCH??? WHY aren't they any closer on a cure for other Cancers ??? GOD HEAVENS!!

I'm soooooo sorry your being bomb-barded with all this sad and bad news of friends and family. You know Ginny they say it comes in THREE'S???!!


Your ALL in my PRAYERS!


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I'm so sorry about the bad news you have been receiving. I've been getting similar reports from friends and family as well and I can't help but think it's an epidemic..or I was just blind to how prevalant cancer is before my mom was diagnosed.

I hope this is the end of bad news for you and that things just get better from here on out.

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Beginning to think it is all political. Population control. It's the FDA control. I really believe there are cures out there. We just don't know about them.

Sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone. It's sad we all have to be here... Praying for a "Cure".

God Bless


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There is a LOT of money in cancer treatment, to be sure. When I first joined the Oncology Nursing Society, I was bombarded like never before with freebies from drug companies. I've been a member of various professional societies in nursing for 20 years and have never seen anything like the mountain of "free" literature, educational CDs, & drug advertisements that lands in my mailbox every day.

Why isn't it that way for heart disease, brain disorders, or trauma? Why is cancer such a cash cow? There is a monetary incentive on the part of drug companies and oncologists to keep the status quo, by discouraging innovation. I've got absolutely zero evidence of a conspiracy, but I do think we should be cautious when those who develop the treatments (drug companies) and those who control access to treatments (oncologists) can profit so handsomely from the status quo.

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That was very well said Teresa and let's not forget the impact that cancer treatment has on state and federal budgets. Once money takes control of anything it is not long before it is ruled by money. People and their lives become second or even lower on the totem pole.

We can't expect the government to do anything to change that because it profits too. The only way to make a change is to remind them that the government is supposed to be the people governed. Until enough people do that there is little hope that anything in the system will change.

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