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Need Tagrisso


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Hi everyone

My name is Mildred and my sister Carola has stage iv metastatic lung cancer

We live in Perú and the insurance does not cover the pills and the price is unattainable for us

She was taking Erlotinib for 8 months when it mutated, then she did 6 rounds of chemotherapy , now her oncologist has told her that her only option is Tagrisso (Osimertinib 80 gr) that's why we are binging the pills by all means


Thanks for take your time to read this and sorry for my grammar.

If anyone can help please write here (EDITED TO REMOVE PERSONAL INFORMATION.

We are hanging in there.



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I'm sorry, but we in the U. S. are prohibited from giving our Tagrisso to anyone else. You may want to try the generic Tagrix which I believe people get from India from this pharmacy:


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Thanks so much for all yours advices

people outside united States are no elegible fot Support 

we contact our astra zeneca fillial but the local program is out of reach financially speaking

the farmacy From india ..... her doctor said there is no generic, so .....

facebook group... trying now

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Right, we don't allow posting of personal information on the forums--they are public and for the safety of members (who might otherwise be targeted by spammers/scammers) we remove such info when posted. But Michelle is right, if you send a private message to someone, then any exchange of personal info is between those two people.

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