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Maiden Voyage 2021 Trip to the Boat Yard

Rower Michelle

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Ok folks,  I’ve been in PT all summer, twice a week in an attempt to dig out of the giant hole I got into during the lock down.  This weekend my physical therapist said it’s time to start pressure testing some of the hard work and get back into a rowing shell.  I’ve made a date with my rowing partner for tomorrow morning in the double.  It will be the first time since the Fall of 2019.  

For some reason I’ve been very tentative about getting back into the boat.  It’s been such a long time.  I’ve learned there is no perfect day to start and the best course of action is to just get over myself and do it.  So here goes.  Wish me luck.   


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Michelle, I'm thrilled for you.  I wish you all luck and success.  You are a fighter and an athlete and I cant wait to hear the story later.  


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Yesterday was my birthday so spending the morning at the boatyard was the perfect present to myself.   This is now a hard time of year for me as it represents the period of rapidly declining health in 2018.  I spent my birthday in 2018 on the phone with two doctors trying to get a handle on that cough.  
I was nervous heading up to the lake in Kansas City,KS.   Having trouble visualizing basic boat maneuvers the night before I didn’t know what to expect.   The team had a training single, aka a floating bathtub, impossible to flip.   It looks ridiculous but hey, I could have cared less about the leery looks from the Junior Team. 

Months of physical therapy is starting to pay off.  Getting into the boat was a little bit  of a balance challenge and from there muscle memory kicked as my hands were doing things my brain couldn’t register.  It was such a weird feeling!   I landed on the dock with the first attempt and getting out of the tub was ungracious BUT I did not go into the drink!   
My goal is to head out on weekends for the remainder of the rowing season and start the YMCA LiveStrong program which is finally back open.  The Covid cases here are pretty low in my area so I will carry on.  

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