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FINALLY stopped raining! YAY! WHOOPIEE!!!!

I was stuck inside for just about a full week. I've thought back and realized that is the longest I've been constantly inside for more that 15 YEARS! (a blown ankle put me out for a few days back then). And, thinking back even further, I realized that my whole LIFE has been spend outdoors. All the jobs I've had have either been completely outdoors or had a huge outdoor "component" to it. All my recreational activities have been outdoor ones (fishing, hunting, riding motorcycles, etc.) And I also realized something about being indoors all the time ... I DO NOT LIKE IT! Not one bit! :shock:

The last couple of days I've been out and about each day and it's made a big difference in my "emotional stability" (at least such stability as I've ever had :))

Thanks a HUGE bunch to all the folks who replied to my "bits and pieces" post. You all are SO important to me and it's impossible to express how much you mean to me. (norme ... a special "thank you" to you. You are one HECK of a lady!).

We have one more little "sprits" of rain on Tuesday and then we revert back to good ol' "chamber of commerce" Southern California weather. You can bet your bippy I will NOT be sitting around here!

Thanks again.


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That is great news Dean. I can tell you are feeling better already. Wear those wheels out you have my permission! Hope for blue skies and good feelings ahead for you and Gay. By the way tell Gay we miss seeing her post lately too. Have fun just don't break any speed limits. Wouldn't want to see you arrested and put IN jail. That would mean INSIDE again. No Way! :P:D

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Thanks for the update. I sense you are kind of apologizing in a round about way for being down last week. I think you are human and in a kind of a bummer situation (and I understate) as most of us here are--patient and caregiver and family memebers--but I think we all appreciate candor and it helps us all to know that we don't have to be strong and stoic every day. So allow us to help you, like you have helped so many, Dean. And I hope you are out and about today, and don't get to read this until wayyyyy late.

Don't "forge"' to talk about pain management. I finally got pushy, like so many of you urged me to do and I am starting to see some results. Thank goodness for you all.


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So glad to hear that you are able to get out and about..... We up here in Michigan have finally been having some good weather as well (40's & 50's) so I think cabin fever is out the door everywhere!

You are a big reason many come to this board, its really nice to see your usual lively Spirit alive and well again.......

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Ya know Dean, I have to totally agree with your comment about "not liking to be indoors". After I went through (2) open heart surgeries The first one this last August and the second one 10 weeks later, Nov. 4th, 2003, I found that it was NOT FUN having to hang out inside the hospital or inside my house 24/7 either. But, all the phone calls and cards, and the loving, caring messages from all the wonderful LCSC board, as well as my husband, daughter, family and friends smiles and hugs, brought more sunshine to me then the real sun or the outdoors could have brought for me. I love being outside as well. I am SOOOO BLESSED and EXTREMLY GRATEFUL to be here today! Life is GOOD! With or without rain. I hope the card I sent to you brought you a little SUNSHINE!

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It's good to see you and glad you were able to get out and about. It has been a beautiful day here in Alabama. We have been outside all afternoon playing with our 4 week old puppies. I hope you have many more "outdoor days". Best of luck with the leg pain. I hope your hospice nurse can help you out. Blessings to you and Gay!


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